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wayward 8 - Sunday 22nd March 2020

posted Jun 7, 2020, 3:10 PM by Admin hycnz

This will have probably been our last race for a while.  

We had four entries but only three starters.  Satisfaction DNS.  Slipknot, MisMatch and Near and Farr all opted to reef their mains (it was peaking 22 knots at bean rock so sensible to reef).  MisMatch raced single handed - kudos to him.  While SlipKnot had three and Near & Farr were double handed!

It was a fun race and involved lots of tacking, which meant Darcy was very busy.  Darcy initially started with a reefed main and slightly furled head sail, then chose to fully unfurl and made huge gains as well as excellent decision to tack early before passing North Head.

Past North head it was time for lots of tacking... tack, tack tack.   Pretty tiring and Darcy decided to retire.... if he had continued to race he would have won!  A decision was made to shorten the course and have the finish line under the harbour bridge.

More tacking for both boats and lots of determination from both crews to finish first.  After more tacks Near and Farr sailed under the harbour bridge with SlipKnot following a few minutes later.

Not only was it a great race, it was a great weekend on the water.  Hopefully it will not be too long until we are next out on the water :-)


1st Near & Farr
2nd SlipKnot
Mismatch DNF
Satisfaction DNS