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Winter Series - race 2 - Sunday 28th June 2015

posted Jun 28, 2015, 4:37 PM by Admin hycnz   [ updated Jul 2, 2015, 6:50 PM ]
Opening Day II (winter series race 2) by George Higgins of Escape!!

Winter Opening again and my back is in pain, 
 I can step only six inches or shorter,
But the cloud has all run and there’s plenty of sun
With good breeze for sailing a snorter.

I stand on the band of the Marina’s new strand
And I ponder my problems not petty.
Will my walker decamp down that really steep  ramp 
And spray me all over the Jetty?

Then reason kicks in and I can see with   perspicacity
They  will not let me back on board  in any useful capacity.
And their speed will be great without my ponderous weight 
So I do the decent thing and haul my freight.

The skipper is kind and his mind is in a volcanic foment,
“We  will sail you write the report, will take you but  a moment.
Do the Herald thing and wing it, write the song and they will sing it.
It’s a win-win Dad and will surely make Samantha glad.

No need  to take to the water – be like any other reporter. 
An exclusive interview with you over a glass of rum or two.”
So here I go from  my fireside glow.   The events of the race for true
As witnessed from my lounge in Te Atatu.

Six boats started the race and six boats finished.
Firsty took the beer for  line and also took the  starting  wine. 
No one sunk and not many were drunk and all passed the ones that they oughta.
Just another beautiful day on the  lovely Hobsonville water.

Race report from Eye Spy:
1300hrs start at Hobsonville with Greg and Mark on board. The course was course #2 which took us to Meola back to ODM, Beachhaven, SSO, ODM, Beachhaven, SSO and finish. The wind was from the southwest and peaking at 22knts at Bean rock so we hanked the No.2 headsail and continued to set the boat up with sheeting etc.  A decision was made to change to the No.1 prior to the start which paid dividends as the race went on.
Personnel in the tower did a great job and the start was very close. We ended up being the leeward boat so we needed to climb across the fleet in order to get into a position out of the incoming tide. So we ended up slotting behind Firsty and Escape hugging the edge of the channel. Waterwitch was in third place sailing more towards the centre of the channel.
What’s this?!........ Bluebeat was charging up on us and ended up sitting just off our transom. After discussions we realised the headsail was over-sheeted. We eased and immediately gained some breathing space. We clear Kauri point and Mark disappears inside and returns with the kite. His enthusiasm was applauded but we decided to maintain our current sail configuration as the mark was only a short distance away. The race ended up being a bit of a drag race from this point on which suited the bigger boats. No tacking meant we could only follow the lead 3 Firsty, Escape and Waterwitch. We did extend our lead on the other two 88s and maybe closed up on Waterwitch in the laps around Beachhaven. All in all a great afternoon on the water.
Thanks to my crew and to those in the tower. Nice work………
3rd place on Handicap means another 6 pack for the fridge on Eye Spy……..nice.

Race Report from Nona

The day looked promising as I pumped up the dinghy with sunshine, a light SW breeze and no rain. Course two was selected, up to and round Meola, to the ODM then Beachaven, south Orange, ODM twice to finish. Our strategy sorted we jumped into the dinghy and motor out to the boat. We go for a number two headsail as the cloud cover promised some freshening breeze (the forecast is 20 knots – this was never to eventuate during the day). Five boats begin the pre race manoeuvres – NONA, Eye Spy, Firsty, Waterwitch and Escape when the postponement flag goes up. In the distance , here comes Blue Beat. Better late than never. A fleet of six boats.
We time our runs and decide on a long run back by the ramp as the breeze is fresh. The one minute hooter sounds and the wind promptly subsides and we start a distant last. Rats
Blue beat is in front of us with Eye Spy in front of BB. We have targets. We slowly start to reel BB in and manage to go under and slightly ahead just before Meola buoy, well within the three boat lengths of the buoy. Around and that is our position to the finish. We set our sights on Eye Spy but just can’t catch him.
Blue Beat puts up his spinnaker past Kauri Point and it definitely sounds a little shy as it snaps and cracks behind us.
Down to the ODM and around to Beachaven for the first time then hard on the wind to South orange with BB behind keeping us honest. Back down to the ODM and Firsty is close to lapping BB, something we want to avoid. Over to Beachaven then to South orange, the glare on the water making it a little hard to pick up. We round and head for home still retaining our slim lead over BB.
It was good to get on the water with thanks to Bronwyn and John for the crew work – no whips needed and no bleeding on the boat. Thanks also to the other boats, a good turnout, Nigel and Gary C in the tower and Jo on the food.
Also thanks to the Floating Dock whose voucher for a FREE lift and clean was won by Waterwitch.